9 benefits a conservatory warm roof can have for your home

9 Benefits Of A Conservatory Warm Roof


The benefits of a warm roof replacement can be felt all year round! The warm roof system is purposely designed to replace an average glass or polycarbonate roof of a conservatory. All added without disturbing the original windows, doors, frames and walls. 

The Benefits Of A Warm Roof

Here’s why you should consider a new warm roof system for your conservatory:

  1. Lower heating bills and increased energy efficiency – It’s estimated that the average home loses 25% of its heat through the roof. The most effective way to reduce this loss is with a warm roof system. A warm roof forms a protective barrier against heat loss and as a result, leads to a reduction in wasted energy, providing substantial energy cost savings.
  2. Temperature control all year round – A warm roof replacement gives you the perfect climate and ability to turn the room into whatever you want. You can count on the insulation to maintain consistent temperature control and better thermal performance – making sure your conservatory isn’t too cold in winter or too hot in summer.
  3. Reduced noise – Not only is the insulation weather-tight, but it also offers sound-proofing qualities that reduce any rain/weather noise.
  4. Minimised thermal bridging – Simply put, a thermal bridge is a location where the exterior meets the interior. This is the place with the greatest heat transfer. In winter, heat will be lost through the thermal bridge because the exterior temperature will typically be lower than the interior. In summer, heat flows inward, which accounts for why conservatories without a warm roof can often feel too hot during this time.Our warm roofs are custom designed to fit your conservatory no matter what size or shape, ensuring a perfect fit with little or no thermal bridging. This means there is a substantial reduction of heat-loss through joints or fixings, eradicating the issues mentioned above.
  5. Reduced risk of condensation – A warm roof has a breathable, waterproof membrane that allows moisture to escape. This is beneficial because trapped condensation can potentially build-up and contribute to mould and fungal growth.
  6. Reduced sun-damage – A warm roof offers sun protection, reducing sun-glare and furniture fade through sun-bleaching. This also 4 the need for blinds.
  7. Rapid installation – We aim to make the process as hassle-free as possible. We work fast and efficiently over the span of only a few days, ensuring we keep the workplace tidy with minimal disruption to you and your home.In most cases, warm roofs are retro-fitted. This means we can complete the fitting over the top of your existing roof, often working out to be a cheaper alternative than a cold-roof.
  8. Engineered for quality – We only use high-quality products installed by our highly-trained engineers. Each of our warm roofs is LABC and LABSS approved.
  9. Peace of mind – We’re so confident in our work that we offer a 10-year guarantee – giving you peace of mind.

What next?

If you’re unsure if your conservatory could benefit from a warm roof, or simply want to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us and request your free, no-obligation quote! 

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