Top 5 Uses For Your Garden Room

Top 5 Uses For Your Garden Room


Should you install a garden room?

If you are looking to create the ideal home office space, install a personal gym or indulge in your favourite hobby or pastime, you should consider one of our traditional or contemporary garden rooms.

Our garden rooms are versatile, stylish and provide flexible expansion opportunities, at a mere fraction of the cost of a traditional home extension, orangery or conservatory. 

They are made from the highest quality materials and can be custom-built in a range of sizes, shapes and designs to suit your individual needs.


Read on to discover the most popular uses for our bespoke garden rooms and offices. Get in touch for a free, no obligation quote today.

1) Home Offices

Working from home is not uncommon if you’re self employed, are looking to start a new business or perhaps just save on the time and cost of commuting. But drawing a distinction between office time and personal time can be a real challenge. 

Unless you are lucky enough to have sufficient free space in your home, it is likely that you are working out of your spare bedroom, dining room or even the cupboard under the stairs. 

It can be difficult to work undisturbed, without interruptions and switching off at the end of the day can be a struggle.

A garden office can solve all of these problems. 

Our purpose built garden offices create the perfect space for you to work from home. They ensure your working space is sufficiently removed from the rest of the house, so that you can maintain a healthy work/life balance whilst giving you the freedom to work the hours that are most suitable for you.

A modern garden office features all of the necessary conveniences of a traditional office space, including Wi-Fi and plenty of natural light. 

They can also be built to include high specification components, such as bi-fold doors, underfloor heating and an energy efficient warm roof system.

2) Guesthouses & Private Accommodation

Whilst many choose to utilise their garden room for work purposes others prefer to convert the space into private accommodation or accommodation for guests.

Clearly, this option can be advantageous if you have guests regularly stay or you are looking to generate some extra cash by renting out your new accommodation on Airbnb

So how do you go about converting your garden room into luxury accommodation?

Step one has to be ensuring the building is suitably weatherproof. A unique timber building will work fine as a garden shed or for storage, but it must have sufficient protection from the elements if you’re going to install the tech necessities required to make the space functional (e.g. electric sockets and switches). 

Any new installation should include WIFI and the space should be insulated to enable year-round use.

The next step involves decluttering, organising and clearing the space. You may still have all of your personal belongings inside the structure and it would be too difficult to redesign the building to a new purpose. 

Finally you should give the room some personality by selecting stylish furniture to maximise space. There are different items to choose from such as bedding, upholstery and soft furnishings that should mirror your own aesthetic and give the space a unique feel.

3) Home Gyms & Dance Studios

A garden room is also a great solution, if you enjoy fitness but don’t wait to join the gym or you’re simply looking to save money by cancelling your existing gym membership and exercising at home.

It can enable you to work out at your own pace and get a workout down at your own convenience – You’ll just have to pop down to the end of your garden as opposed to leaving the house.

But what equipment will I need to setup my home gym?

If you choose to use your garden room as a personal gym, you might decide to kit it out with a treadmill or cross trainer for those morning cardio sessions.

Weights, dumbbells and barbells can be bought for weight training whilst soft, rubber mats are perfect for yoga and other floor exercises. 

If weight training isn’t your preference, you can install wooden floors, mirrored walls and holding bars to use the space as a dance studio. Then, you’ll be able to watch your form and improve on your technique all whilst making good use of your garden space.

4) Photography Studios & Dark Rooms

If you’re a keen photographer or you enjoy developing your own film, you may decide to build a garden photography studio or dark room.

A garden photography studio will enable you to develop your photos from the comfort of your home whilst you avoid paying expensive studio fees or photo developer costs.

If you need more space to accommodate larger projects, we could easily craft a bespoke garden studio for your property. 

We have extensive experience when it comes to building custom spaces and our expert team is on hand to help design a garden building that will suit your requirements.

But how do I setup a photography studio?

To setup a home photography studio, you’ll need a room which is totally dark. To achieve this you may choose to build a garden room with no windows or you may prefer to install blackout blinds so you have multiple options available.

You’ll need to ensure the room is well ventilated as toxic chemicals will be in use. However, this can be easily achieved using a powerful extractor fan.

Having a desk with drawers and countertops is also essential for setting up equipment and storing any chemical solutions safely.Whilst splitting your darkroom into two halves, a “wet” side and a “dry” side, will protect your photos from costly mistakes as well as making sure you don’t damage your equipment.

5) Home Spas & Treatment Rooms

If you’re a qualified or trainee massage therapist, reflexologist or yoga teacher, it is likely that you are renting a private treatment room.

This room may include all of the basic features needed to pamper yourself and treat paying customers but the rent may be too expensive and the space may not include all of the specialist facilities you require to develop your practice.

And this is exactly where having your very own garden room comes into play.

Improve your practise with a garden spa or treatment room

A purpose-built garden spa or treatment room can benefit you in so many ways. It can eliminate rental costs altogether and reduce the time spent travelling between clients.

If you want to experience the cleansing heat of a sauna, you can easily install a stand-alone home sauna or an infra-red sauna which gets hot almost instantaneously.

Another way in which you can create a more relaxing and beneficial experience is to include an area where you can treat yourself or customers to spa treatments such as massages or facials.

If you have a different use in mind for your garden room, you can click here to get in touch, book a site survey and quotation or visit one of our showrooms.

You might also find it helpful to take a look at a recent garden room project.

We look forward to helping you design a garden building which is purpose-built for you.